Neurotech, een joint-venture van Wargaming en VRTech kondigen vandaag de release van World of Tanks VR aan! Dat is nog niet alles vanaf heden staat is de eerste locatie in Europa, gelegen in Amsterdam ook open voor het publiek.

21 augustus 2018 — Neurogaming is thrilled to announce the release of the latest version of World of Tanks VR at gamescom 2018. The new instalment features two playing modes; team deathmatch or “every man for himself” mode (deathmatch). From 2 up to 8 people can play simultaneously. The newly added map features a bright summer setting and takes players to a fresh location with an ancient castle surrounded by impressive mountains.

Hardcore fans will also get to try brand-new vehicle classes. Players can now use light and heavy tanks which have been added to the original medium tank fleet. This update provides flexibility and in-game advantages as players can ambush enemies with the LTTB (light tank) or attack them head on with the IS-3 (heavy tank).

In addition, Neurogaming presents its latest business developments at gamescom 2018. The company has recently opened its first European location in Amsterdam, Netherlands, to the public and aims to grow exponentially its network throughout Europe. gamescom 2018 is an opportunity for potential business partners to learn more about Neurogaming’s products.

PlayVR is Europe’s largest VR hall network, offering its visitors highly immersive experiences based on movie releases along with its latest proprietary games. PlayVR combines a cloud-based platform using the OTA system and a content management dashboard offering regular IP roster expansions and updates, an easy-to-use tablet-based location administration system and refined turnkey solution for franchise network scaling. Currently, there are over 40 PlayVR locations around the world.

PolygonVR is a location-based platform combining VR games, Reality TV and eSports. Its unique technology can connect live gaming arenas across continents. The solution’s key features are multiplayer architecture, full body immersion, tools for broadcasting and streaming, second screen support, multi-location support and a cloud-based content management and distribution system. PolygonVR can be used for a wide range of applications including sports, entertainment, industrial training, education and engineering.

“Our solutions are uniquely immersive, and we are proud to be one of the most cutting-edge VR companies out there. As we are looking to rapidly expand PlayVR and PolygonVR gaming locations across Europe, we will also focus our efforts on offering more tournaments to VR gaming enthusiasts to answer the growing demand’’, said Alex Morozov, Chief Commercial Officer of Neurogaming.

“We are happy to present the new version of World of Tanks VR, showcasing next-level visual quality for VR games alongside with more engaging team-based gameplay modes and new tank classes adding the variety our users have been waiting for. A lot of work has been done by the team to make it happen, but we do believe it’s just a beginning, both for the industry and WoT VR. Get your headset ready and look forward to more cool stuff coming!”, said Konstantin Netyliov, WoT VR Product Manager at Wargaming.

Neurogaming is a joint venture between award-winning online gaming developer Wargaming and cutting-edge VR technology developer VRTech Group. The company is an industry leader that delivers digital out-of-home entertainment VR experience, and provides an ecosystem that brings together technology, content, and consumers. Neurogaming focuses notably on developing original franchise of VR Location Based Entertainment (LBE) chain called PlayVR with both in-house and licensed content managed through proprietary location and content management platform.



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