Het bedrijf Wargaming kennen we van de diverse World of games, World of Tanks, World of Warplanes, World of Warships, grote online successen eerst op PC maar tegenwoordig ook op console.

Vijf jaar geleden inmiddels alweer verscheen World of Tanks in de vorm van World of Tanks: Blitz voor de mobiele telefoon. World of Warships kreeg vorig jaar ook nog een eigen Blitz versie.

En met het oprichten van hun nieuwe business unit genaamd Wargaming Nexus lijkt de focus op mobiele games nog verder aangescherpt te worden. En niet zo maar focus, want de games die ontwikkeld worden moeten geschikt zijn voor cross-platform actie kortom iOS vs. Android en vice versa.

Wargaming Launches an All-New Business Unit, Nexus

Specialty: mobile hits with cross-platform potential. Strengths: an experienced crew using cutting-edge tech including Unreal Engine 4. Objective: shipping outstanding mobile titles and discovering talented studios

June 17, 2019 — Wargaming has launched a new business unit, Wargaming Nexus, to implement and further the company’s strategic initiatives in the mobile gaming sector by developing products with high market potential and novel gameplay mechanics. Wargaming Nexus will create its own breakthrough titles and seek out prospective hits from external studios to publish. The new unit will be helmed by Mike Belton, one of the key contributors to Wargaming’s success as the company’s Head of Global Marketing and PR of 10 years and the Head of Publishing in the CIS region of 2 years.

“The founding principle of Wargaming Nexus is innovativeness—in team building, work practices, the tech used, and the products delivered,” says Mike Belton. “We are putting together a strong collective of highly skilled professionals from all over the globe. Our current crew is made up of tried and tested Wargaming fighters possessing a broad range of expertise and a deep understanding of gamers’ tastes and desires. Combining all these factors shall contribute to our success.”

The idea behind Wargaming Nexus was conceived in 2018 with the start of a partnership between Wargaming and Epic Games that was announced at WG Fest in Moscow and included a set of initiatives aimed at taking the Eastern European mobile games market to the next level. Since then, Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 has become a staple tech for Wargaming when prototyping and developing new gaming projects. This prompted the decision to set up a new business division within the company to fully capitalize on the capabilities of UE4 and other advanced solutions when delivering breakthrough mobile titles with great cross-platform prospects.

Over the last 6 months, Wargaming Nexus has engaged into dozens of partnerships with Eastern and Central European studios using UE4, and six projects with innovative gaming mechanics have already reached the prototype stage.

Wargaming Nexus is on the lookout for both partner studios well versed in prototyping and building their projects with Unreal Engine 4, and top-notch professionals with firm roots in the mobile games industry who are ready to join a dream team with ambitious goals.



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