De coronacrisis waar we met de hele hele wereld doorheen gaan is gewoon kut. Gelukkig zijn er veel entertainmentbedrijven die hier goed mee omgaan. Films die eerder op een streamingdienst worden gedropt, bioscopen die gratis films weggeven, zelfs gratis adult entertainment voor de liefhebber en vele gratis games omdat men er vanuit dat gaat je eenmaal in quarantaine niet meer aan het werk hoeft… (geloof mij dit is niet zo (Johan)) Wargaming, het bedrijf achter grote successen als World of Tanks, World of Warships geeft nu haar eigen 4X strategygame Master of Orion weg. Het enige wat je moet doen is een hele simpele missie voltooien in World of Tanks. Lees hieronder in het persbericht wat je moet doen.

Conquer the Stars: Master of Orion Free for World of Tanks Players!

World of Tanks invites players to complete one simple battle mission to earn access to the full single player version of Master of Orion for Free!

April 9, 2020 — World of Tanks today invites commanders to rediscover the legendary Master of Orion universe – gifting access to the iconic 4X strategy game to any player who completes one simple battle mission in World of Tanks!

Within the downloadable single player package, players will have the chance to experiment with over 75 researchable technologies, explore giant galaxies with up to 100 solar systems, modify spaceships to achieve victory – with access to the original game, the Revenge of Antares DLC, The Terran Khanate alien race and Retro Fleets from the collector’s edition.

In order to take the fight to outer-space, players need only complete any simple battle mission in World of Tanks Random Battles (including Grand Battles) between April 9 and April 23, using any tier. Once these are complete, players will be able to download Master of Orion, with all races and single player mode unlocked, downloadable via the Game Center. Commanders will also receive some unique Master of Orion customizations for their World of Tanks vehicles as a reward! 

We are excited to give our commanders the chance to take their conquest spaceward, using their tactical skillsets in another atmosphere – for free! Said Max Chuvalov, Publishing Director of World of Tanks. For both old players and new, the Master of Orion universe is a boundless and exciting strategy game that will give adventurers the chance to explore the final frontier from their front room. Make sure you jump into World of Tanks right away to download this amazing content!’

Diehard fans of the initial titles will be relieved to know that this revival was built under the watchful eyes of the original development team – and has retained its unique interstellar warfare and beautiful exploration. Players are invited to experience a fully orchestrated score as they confront hostile civilizations, negotiate with mysterious aliens, share knowledge with allies and uncover this artfully imagined universe



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